Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gloomy Eid AND OOTD

Eid Mubarak everyone!!☺☺♥♥♥ It's the 6th day since the Eid is over! I was so busy to write on my blog.It was a boring and rainy day and hubby was busy for kurbani!! we basically went outside/visited friends and family house at night.

Jewelry-- who doesn't love it? 

Dress with the old golden belt and matching Betsey Johnson clutch☺ ANother pink dress that hubby chose last year when we were in BD. It's so loose and huge which is why I need a belt to wear it. 

Matching nail-- bad choice!! 

Sorry, my camera is terrible to focus!! 

Henna is a must, you know!!☺  

The night before, I had to prepare hair color for hubby!! It's just natural black!! 

EId-Gifts for kids.Ugly packaging but those cartoon sticker just saved the day! Haha! I packed lots of candies inside.

Morning makeover..I was so tired though! And my bleached hair.

Last month, I bought these funky tools to curl my hair!! I never used it beofre so I didn't know the result until then!! It created monster curls--all I can say!! You can see the result below; so keep rolling ! 

You know what to do when you have ugly background!! 

OOTD !! I should learn at least how to pose;lol! 

My friend did my henna here!!

With hubby ! As you can see I am super shorty! ☺ 

Kids wanna to take piks with me,so sweet! ♥

On Eid day we wore pink!lol... 

More kids available here.


That's it--my boring eid ended like that!! 
See you on next time. 

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