Monday, October 27, 2014

Having A Little Tea Party || Tazo Chai ♥♥

We drink tea almost like 365 days a year [or more than that!!]!! It is like a compulsory treat in our house!! When I was like 9 years old, my mom taught me about making delicious tea.I was literally danced while making the first cup of tea and blushing happily when everyone gave me credit for the delicious tea!! lol those golden memories!! & now I am just too lazy to make the perfect tea for myself. I wish someone could make a mini cup of delicious tea and I sip that with a joy of pleasure!!♥ BTW, we love homemade tea rather than from the tea-shop/coffee shop. Although, every Sunday we have to pick up the tea and snacks from our favorite store (that's a different story, you know!)
Anyway, enough chit chat --let me introduce you a New Tea brand (well for me!!) called, "Tazo Chai" Thanks so much Smiley360 for this amazing campaign! I am beyond excited and happy to get the offer because you know we love tea!☺

We basically make Milk-tea every day because everyone loves it. We barely make liquor tea only when we feel sick/cold/fever!! These all comes in a filter bag so it is easy to make your yummy tea in a minutes! 

BTW, I bought these tea cup/mug from Marshall.These are so pretty!!
SO, in my mail box, I got 3 tea samples and 3 full box of coupons !! WhoOp WhoOp!! ♥

The Samples are-
  •  Vanilla caramel
  • Classic Chai
  • Chocolate chai
I love all three flavors!! Just Goddess of the sweet tea!! 

We went to Target and grab three different flavor  of tea.
Unfortunately I didn't find any of the three samples , so i had to pick some random tea flavor of my choice. 

  • Calm Chamomile Chai
  • Awake English Breakfast Chai 
  • Organic Chai 

The packaging is super cute of these Teas! Lmao for the awful background here! 

SO let's start talking about each flavor. 

It is a herbal tea and has no caffeine on it. The reason I have chosen this "Calm Chamomile" is because- Chamomile has the ability to reduce body-ache and pain (pms!) very well. Girls with period trouble must have "Chamomile tea" in the stash!  It's been like 3 years since I am hooked up with chamomile tea (you know, those PMS drama!!) It has aslo contain rose petals, peppermint,lemongrass and etc- so you can imagine how soothing it can be!! In the box, you'll also find about how you can make the perfect tea! COol!!  

Caffeine Level- 0

I picked up this "Awake English Breakfast" flavor for hubby. He doen't like herbal/spicy kinda tea flavor.Straight to the regular one. This one has no herbaly ingredients- just contain black tea! We usually drink regular tea without herbal/any kinda flavor on it.It tasted good as usual too. 

Caffeine level- 5/5

Last but not the least-- "Organic Chai" I wasn't sure at first how much I am gonna like it but I picked up anyway!! Thank Goodness I did pick up because it is my new favorite now!! I personally avoid spice mixed tea.Everytime we went to Indian store, they make those herbal-spice flavor tea that tastes so yucky!!! Surprisingly I am shocked to say-- this is the best spice tea so far!! Currently I am drinking this one (almost) everyday! It has all kinda mixed spice/herbal ingrdeints like ginger,cardamom,black tea,cinnamon,cloves,star anise etc. It is not so strong scented which is why I love it.  I would highly recommened this to try out.It is so refreshing and soothing as well.

Caffeine Level- 3/5 

I need to buy more from wholesale cause I know we'll run out of teas so soon. Let  me know about your favorite Tea right now! 

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Have a nice weekend! 

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