Monday, October 6, 2014

Mask Monday || NR Snail Solution Mask Sheet

Hawly Crap!! My first snail mask!!!*****
Last year, I got this mask free with my Nature Republic Haul [Here] WoOHoO! Finally I feel like I need to try this out otherwise it'll be expired!! [i freak out when sth expire and I didn't get time to use it!!] Oh, BTW, welcome to the "Mask Monday" post! ☺ 
It's a full face mask that contain snail soluiton and some other stuff that I can't even read (everything in Korean Language I guess), unfortunately I can't find this mask online anywhere!! Is this mask a limited edition?? Who knows!!  
This is a very hydrating mask and it feels so refreshing and it has an instant brightening effect that's good to go! Well, I have dry skin and I love anything that helps to calm/restore the moisture on the skin! It's a fun mask sheet to try out or even you can prank someone on Halloween I guess! Haha! There's nothing new to talk about it; Let me know if you try this mask or anything else. 
ANd here goes my ugly face :p 


Available- I don't know :p 

Price- I don't know either :p 

Have a nice weekend! 

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