Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sample Saturday || Nature Republic Skincare

These two little samples looks cute but it's quite difficult to get the products from the tube!! I have got these free with my NR purchase last year [Here

  •  The First Emulsion Serum 
  • Advanced Cell Boosting EX Toner 

Let's talk about the Emulsion serum first.It is very light weighted and has sweet floral scent.This scent really irritated me through out the day. I personally dislike scent on facial skincare products.I loved that it absorbed on my skin well and little bit feel hydrated as well.It's not so moisturing though, that's why I had to use a moisturiser after using this serum. 
The toner is also perfumy and I hate that too.I love that it didn't dry out my skin! 
I think these two products are great to use during Summer.However, after using these two products , I got few terrible acne kinda cyst which is really ugly and then I stopped using these products! I won't recommend it to try out. 

I even dislike their sample packaging.It's hard to get the products from the little tube!! Uggh!!! Time to throw these on trash!! ☺

See you next time! 

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