Monday, November 17, 2014

Be Clean With Zep Commercial

It's time for another cleaning day in our house. I don't usually mention it on the blog- we have a big monthly schedule to clean up our entire house and thanks to Pinterest for that-- Well, you can guess I am addicted to Pinterest

Recently I have received another campaign from Crowdtap (yeah!!) This brand is called- "Zep Commercial" You probably saw their products in the retail store I guess.Honestly speaking I have never heard about this brand before,because we usually stick with one brand. So, it was great to try something new. 

 These two products are the newest cleaning products from this brand. 

So, I have received 5 samples to try- 

  •  Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant 
  • Zep All-around Pxy Cleaner & Degreaser 

 In this cold and flu season,  we must be prepared with this amazing anti-bacterial cleaner to clean all the germs, bacteria etc as quickly as possible. They demand that it can kills 99.9% of bacteria  in 5 seconds!! That's is sound extremely awesome!! 
I basically use it to clean my doors, fan, remotes, chairs , kitchen and wherever we have direct contact with bacteria. It's not so strong scented like other brand which is safe for me to use everyday. I love how it cleansed well everything . 

This cleaner is designed for heavy-duty. It suppose to clean all kinda stain, grime on surfaces throughout your home. I mostly use it to clean my carpet , bathroom. Remember , you have. To wait at least 1 minute after spray it on the affected area; so that it can do its magic!! I think it's another life- save product everyone need in their life. You know that moment when you drop the glass of your  favorite wine on the floor, just remember to use it on the right time and all the stain should be gone. 

Available- in retail store 

Be clean and healthy!

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