Monday, November 10, 2014

Last October Haul [2014]

I forgot to post my haul last month, but it doesn't mean I can't post now!☺ Obviously it's randomly mini haul. 

Bath And Body Works lotions in two collection scent with mini hand sanitizers. We only bought those hand sanitisers and those huge tube of body lotions came free☺ Great deal!! I don't like their body lotions or any skincare products but I do love to collect it for holiday gifts!! 

Although, i don't like their lotions but these are nice scented one!! 

Miso Soup- one of my favorite!

Some decoration items for blog photos!

Lysol wipes- one must have it.
Visine Eye drop- hubby need it. Helps to soothe those tired eyes. 

Kaspersky Anti-virus- there was a discount on staples! and brother need one for his laptop.Hubby bought me another pendrive for 32 GB. And those two pens are free.It's for the breast cancer awareness month, you know. 

Jack Black conditioning shave cream from Sephora.It's a gift for hubby! 

So, that's a quite mini haul I can say. I don't like to shop but sometimes it's necessary you know, 

Have a nice weeekend! 

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