Friday, November 7, 2014

November Edition- Chicky Talk ♣ What's On Your......

I know I am late to post about chicky talk November Edition but hey, it's not so late though! 
So, let's start our new series once again!! 
What's on your...
  1. Coffee Table- Keurig Mug with coffee (ofcourse!), BBW candle, homemade cookies.
  2. TV in the Evening- Channel I News and some drama series. 
  3. Netflix Queue- Salem (it's a gross series,but am watching anyway) 
  4. NightStand- phone, PS3 remote. BBW candle.
  5. DVR- Walking Dead, WWE Monday night Raw 
  6. Bucket List- Ear puff, Braun epilator.
  7. Weekly Grocery Lists- Milk, instant soup mix, cactus fruit(addicted to it), mushroom and broccoli.
  8. Go To Menu- vegetable and fish curry
  9. Radio DIal- Anything on live
  10. Feet- Ahnu sneaker 
  11. Charity List- Private home charity (twice a year!) 
  12. Workout Plan- no plan, i just walked at evening for 2 hours. 
  13. Iphone App Lists- Instagram,facebook page, Mailbox, Bloglovin. 
  14. Kitchen Counter- Cooking Timer, Ninja Blender. 

If you love to join with my chicky talk post, feel free to join and let me know on the comment box!! And you can tag yourself/anyone as well.It's free for all.☺ 
Have a cozy night! 

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