Friday, November 28, 2014

November Mini Haul [2014]

Usually I don't like to shop, but here and there,we did it anyway☺ We try to buy only the necessary stuff and if we find some good deals or have coupons (lol)  So, here is my another monthly mini haul for November! 

Finally, i am brave enough to buy this Braun epilator!!! Hell it's painful but for the sake of beauty, we need to try this!!! It was like $100, but I had $60 coupon;so it only cost $40 to spend!! Aha! Great deal!! 
Do you want me to review it??  (o_0)

I had some gift card of Staples,picked this last weekend!! It's cute and i needed a new diary!!♥ 

We are Costco-Holic!! Found this one for a good deal. Oh, and it's for hubby!☺ 

I bascially a Lindor fan! I bought two packs of lindor chocolate incase of emergency!! Haha!
Warning- this is why i am fat!! (o_O)

online shopping from Staples- wifi range extender is a life saver!! Need a new one!  And the rest of it are unnecessary!! Box of pencil and sahrpener!! 


Lastly, got my Redbook magazine☺ You know it's free.

Yup, that's my November tiny miny haul! 
Still don't shop for Black Friday, let's see if i need anything. There are so many discount overflowing and I am just trying my best not to look at those deals!! 

Have a nice and safe Holiday! 

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