Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sample Saturday || Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash- Take The One Shower Challenge

Welcome to my "Sample Saturday" post.Since last month, I was so tempting to chitchat about this new breakthrough formula of "Dove Body Wash" .In the sample box, they mentioned about this "Take The One Shower Challenge" that led me to check out their website to learn more about it. So basically you'll find details Here  

DOve is one of my favorite brand when it comes to awesome bath and body products.Dove is gentle for my dry skin and I can blindly trust them. My favorite products from their collection are- soap bar (obviously!), body wash (natural one) and the shimmer body lotion (although, I can't find it anymore) I was curious to know about the new formula, what else they can do with it!! There are 12 flavor in this collection!!! Although I only tried the deep moisture one but would love to see how good is the coconut one!! I have previously tried their pomegranate one which I hated the scent and promised myself not to shop it again! 

I got this sample from Walmart.I picked up the deep moisture regular one because I don't want anything crazy, okay? It's a pretty decent sample size which is great for travel as well. You know how gentle Dove is for your skin.So, I didn't worry much and keep using this body wash almost every single day  in the shower.The scent of this body wash is similar to the previous version,(no deny!) But it's more like velvety- marshmallow kinda texture which surprise me a quite! The quality is even better than the previous one!! It feels so soft on the skin, lather well and the rich formula makes me rub my skin more & more in bath!! I have super dry skin and you can guess I am using it everyday and it doesn't even make my skin dry at all. Moisturizes, hydrates all day long and I kinda getting addicted to it.The bottle is not fancy but it doesn't even matter as long as it makes my skin smooth, silky and fresh!! 
I highly recommend this collection to try out. May be I'll try the fig one,what do you think?? 

Have a great weekend! 

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