Friday, November 14, 2014

Shiseido ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate || Review

I don't use Klout website anymore, I don't know how it works really!! The score always goes ups and downs no matter how active you are and now I am kinda bored of them!! but it doesn't mean I am gonna avoid their offer! Muhaha.!!

Recently, I have got another skincare perks from them. It is from "Shiseido". They recently launched a new skincare facial serum. This brand one of the luxurious company that also make some amazing skincare products and makeup products and they are quite famous for their collection as well. So far, I have tried their foundation, lipgloss and oil cleanser-- trust me those were all samples!! When I saw this new serum, I knew that I'll be testing soon!! I might have sixth sense !! 

Well, luxurious brand means their packaging has to be top class! ♥ I am so impress already to see the cute sample packaging!! Just wish it could comes in a pump applicator!! 
Let's about the scent of  this serum now. Well, the formula is quite similar to the Lancome serum I have tried before (HERE) and the scent is also similar as well. But I like it ; although I don't prefer perfumy facial feels so buttery on the skin , very moisturizing and completly made me fallen love with it. ♥ It makes my face so supple , smooth and touchable that I am in love..!!  

Right now, it's 4 am and I am so tired!! Nothing to say more about it , it's just amazing.Try the sample first if you disagree with me. 

p.s.- it does contain alcohol, so read the label first before you purchase! 

Price- $65(30 ml) , $95(50 ml) 

Shop- Here 

Have a nice weekend! 

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