Sunday, November 9, 2014

What I Won Recently

Winning from giveaways are so much fun whether it's necessary or not. For a while, I have not been interested to participate on giveaways , so you can see there are no posts about it. But in holiday time, people are craving about giveaways and of course I would love to participate as well. 
I didn't win that much but some few stuff.

Yup, a phone case, from Maxboost.They are giving away tons of phone cases on their facebook page.Be sure to enter. BTW, it's an iphone5 case.I do love this panda case but it's a hard plastic case which hubby don't use that much!! But who cares!! ♥ 

I think I won this on September from Milani's twitter page! This is from their Bella collection.I have more 3 shades which I have received from Ipsy point!! [Here]

Anyway, that's it I have won recently!! 
BTW, I am having giveaway on my blog too!! link is on the top right-see the photos,just click.Feel free to enter♥  

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Have a nice weekend! 

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