Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pre-Shaving With Oil? [Lather & Wood Shaving Co] || Review

Almost the end of the year !!! Huh!! Now we are preparing for the New Year's Eve!!!☺ 
Obviously need a clean shave for preparing ourselves, unless you are like me lazy to shave!! Recently I gotta chance to try out this amazing Pre-shaving oil from Lather & Wood Co. You can find them on Amazon! 

SPECIAL ALL NATURAL FORMULA - Our blend of 7 all natural oils gives your shave the ultimate comfort. Ideal for men with tough beards, ingrown hairs and sensitive skin prone to razor burn.
TOUGH BEARD? - No problem. Lather & Wood Pre-Shave Oil prepares your beard with a proprietary blend that softens the beard, conditions the skin, and gives a superior slickness for extreme comfort.
ONLY TAKES A FEW DROPS - Just massage one pump of Pre-Shave oil into your beard. Allow 30 seconds to penetrate your whiskers, then apply your favorite soap or cream. In a hurry? Shave using only the oil and be amazed.

I think it's similar to the other oils for pre-shave. Love that it has no scent and cute packaging. 

Price- $22.97 

Shop- Amazon  

Enjoy the Holiday! 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

December Haul 2014

Hello everyone! Finally I have decided to write about my December haul,the last month of 2014 !! 

Okay, I guess, I am not the only one who love to spned money  on BBW → I just neeeded some hand soaps and with that I got free shower gel☺ 

Right now, I am using Love Peach Joy hand soap- it smell almost like fresh yummy candy!!♥ And also using the shower gel, ofcourse it's strong alcoholic gel,but sometimes,I love to use this kinda fragrance shower gel.It's their winter collection one.

We love essential oil for headache or body ache. This is the best one from market. It's from the AXE company. I bought this from Amazon.I am keeping one and the rest of it for my mother-in-law. 

I found this on Walgreens last month! You can see the price- only $10,nice gift for holiday. 

And this is for hubby,same from Walgreens ,only $10!! It has facewash,face lotion and balm for men.Nice collection. 

Pantene shampoo and conditioner.I am not a fan of their shampoos, but Love their conditioner since childhood! 

Winter means dandruff trouble.Must have Head&shoulder then! 

Finally I bought these goodies!!♥ I always wanna to try the coconut scrub but some reason never pick up .There was a good deal for Softsoap brand.I thought it's a good time to splurge some bucks for these. Haven't tried it.Which one would be good- strawberry smoother/coconut scrub?? 

Hehe-- Tide and downy--these two are my best friend for laundry☺ 

So, hubby picked these chips for me.I astually didn't want to but after trying it out I think I found my new favorite chips of the month!☺ It's the Delish sea salt and vinegar potato chips. If you love vinegar chips,please try this out. It's so yummy!!!♥ 

Some tshirts from old navy.These patterns are so eye catching!! I think it is $29 something but I had some coupons, so it came out only $9.40!!! Pretty good deal I guess!! 

This one is same like above.I don't like the print but my brother choose it for me, I couldn't say no. 

This blue and white polka dot shirt is so cute! ♥ 

On the trial room!! Isn't it cute, and also with the pixie pant..Too much polka dot. I have shared it on instagram that day [Here] Oops, those tags and bare foot!!

Hubby choose this "What The Fox" thermal tshirt for me. 

Inner tshirt for him. 

Two pajamas for me! SO comfy! 

Holy Moly!! Their pixie pants are the best!! DOn't you think this patterns are damn cute! These are very comfortable to wear!!! I am definilty going to buy more for sure.In my wishlist- i put the orange one and the basic blue pants! But right now, i just bought these two pants. 

Here how it looks like ☺ 

Must have fluffy Pajama! 

It was only $10!! Bought this shoe to wear it at night-walk! 

AT the end of the month,we must buy new bra!!! Picked up from Marshall. these are pretty cheap. Lasted for 6 months.Very comfy and cute. 

A vest and two tshirt for hubby from oldnavy.

I badly need a home slipper,so i chose this one.It's pretty cute.From Amazon. 

Few jewelry haul from F21.. These are pretty cheap, you know.  

These earrings are so pretty and comfortable to wear. My favorite one is the OWL one! 

I actually wanted those baby rings !!

Is it cute?

 I guess chain rings are not for me as i have fluffy fingers! Hahaa. 

We went to the mall with the cousins and everyone picked up this pretty long chain for each.It's looks really nice when you wear it.

Airframe- Hubby need that for his iphone5.But since it's cold and he need to use AC,it's better not to use it right now! Guess it would be handy in Summer☺

Of course, blogger must have-- Sticky notes from Staples. 

Mmm.. this is for me,iphone remote.  from Pixy! 

We also ordered  New Seiko watch for hubby, but after one week later, they mailed back that it is unavailable!!! WTF??!!! 

So, that's all for 2014 December haul!! 
Let me know yours.
Have a nice weekend! 

Friday, December 26, 2014

New Culinary Gloves To Show Off Some Cooking Skill || Review

Happy Holiday everyone! It's Friday means time to have a festive feast time with family. I am not sure if I have mention before,my brother recently moves to CA and for that reason, I had to send him some necessary kitchen stuff that he might need while cooking.Among all of it, the most essential tool is a safety hand gloves!! This gloves are pretty HUGE, which i didn't expected!! But you know, as much as it works, he has no problem with that. So, below is a briefly description about the gloves that might hep you a bit.☺ 

Here is my brother's friend, using the Culinary Gloves that helps to protect his hand from heat! 

The silicone gloves will be a new kitchen assistant as  bake cakes on birthdays, call up your neighbors for a barbecue and in your everyday kitchen chores. Water proof and heat resistant, these gloves are durable with its impeccable slip-free design. With it's vibrant orange color it is easy to spot as you scurry around your kitchen. This pair of gloves is evidently the wiser choice over regular kitchen mitts that burn your hands, accumulate all the oil, and grill grime.
One-size-fits all; so mom, dad and junior can engage in their kitchen duties safely with the pair of silicone kitchen gloves. The number one bestseller in protective grilling mitts and potholders for many reasons such as:

   • Heat proof up to 425*F
   • Water resistant and useable in any kitchen task
   • Firm grip that allow safe movement of hot pans
   • Dishwasher safe and reusable
   • Long lasting durability
   • BPA free
   • FDA approved
   • Versatile and easily maneuverable

For those set out to find the perfect oven gloves that offer enough heat protection as well as versatility and maneuverability this is the best choice. The overly thick grips make taking the baking tray out the oven a great hassle; and the overly thin ones burn your hands while you are at it. Not this pair of silicon gloves! This pair of high quality rubber gloves is just the right design for a maneuverable AND safe grip. Besides, it is washable and easy to care for.

Price- $18.99

Shop- Amazon  

Have a nice weekend!