Thursday, December 18, 2014

Festive Mood With Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi brown cosmetics is one of my favorite brand since childhood. I have read so many articles about Bobbi Brown-her lifestyle,goals and how she created her own makeup line inspired by her mother! I always wanna to explore her makeup brand but it was unavailable in my country that time.After moving to NY,I got my chance to try out some of her products and why not!! 
I barely shop cosmetics,but since I was curious about her collection, I decided to try the lipstick first. Well,besides that everything seems pretty expensive and I was in a dilemma to decide!! 
I bought it from Sephora and there was a Bobbi Brown Kit for every member, so decided to try that too!! (Oh Yeah!!!) 

So, let's talk about the lipstick first . The lipstick packaging is quite basic. I chose the shade "Rose-berry 26" HollyMolly! It' s the prettiest color ever! Very unique and berry berry!! The shade is like berry pink tone and also quite warm. It's a great shade for fall/winter and I love that it suited my skin tone as well. Omg! The texture and the formula of their lipstick- just mind blowing! It's not so matte, not glossy, but in between!! Aah!! I mean a perfect "Semi-Matte" lipstick! My lips dries fast no matter what season it is! So a semi-matte formula is a winner for me. I love how smooth the formula ; with just one swatch it gives you a pretty beautiful full lips. Little goes a long way! So, without eating,drinking or doing anything else the lipstick won't smudge a bit and it's also not dry my lips at all. How moisturizing and hydrating it is!! (Wow) but after eating, the pigment gone,so it's not that long lasting though! The next day, I put some more coat on the lips to see how long it can stay, I must say, I was wrong at first. It stayed the entire 12 hours, did fade a bit , so I put more coat whenever necessary! Since I love the formula and semi matte effects, I am sure gonna love it till the end! I am probably gonna try some other collection of her lipsticks, and am also happy about this purchase as well ! 

Eye cream- 
Wow! Why haven't I tried it before! ?? This is the best hydrating eye cream I have ever tried that actually does work! And there are two reasons that I am loving this eye cream is because- it hydrates very well and doesn't burn my eyes at all. I put this all around the eye areas and it smoothly gland everywhere.very light weight and absorbed well. I don't feel like I put anything on the eye area!! It's a bit expensive(obviously!!) this is the sample size , If I want to explore an expensive brand , I'll definitely choose this one. Highly recommend it. 

Mini palette- 
This mini tiny palette is perfect for travelers! It has 4 natural eye shadows and a pink glowing blush! I love this blush for the apple of the cheeks, instantly glowing my skin every time I wear it! Vetted reaching and pinky tone. Mmm.. I am not sure if I'll keep using the eye shadows , they are the basic shade for neutral makeup. Not so favorite but on the go, you can have it anyway! BUt the blush is my favorite though! 

Last but not the least, The mascara.It wand is tiny; great for lower lashes.Unfortunately it was dry inside.

So that's all about this post today! Let me know your favorite Bobbi Brown comstics! Any suggestion? Would love to know! 
Have a wonderful weekend! 

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