Monday, December 22, 2014

Mask Monday || Voila Natural Clay And Mud Mask || Review

Welcome to another "Mask Monday" post. I have been skipping a lot of mask care for my face.So, finally I thought to try some mud mask as it's my favorite thing to pamper on Monday night. Mud mask mainly helps deep cleanse your face very well.It's important for me to use something that helps to reduce the wrinkle or ae spotting/fine lines etc from my skin.Mud mask is great for those casuses. This a new mask I am testing tonight. Definilty i am excited. Currenlty I feel like my skin getting sensitgive day by day.  KAOLIN CLAY, DEAD SEA MUD and Other Powerful Pure Ingredients are Gentle Enough for Even the Most Sensitive Skin NOURISH YOUR SKIN with 26 Minerals Essential to Skin Health, Including Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Bromine & Magnesium. Sounds great to me. It is also  Detoxify, Soothe & Nourish Your Skin With 8 Organic Detox Herbal Botanicals, 

Sealed protected.But after using few times,the mask turn into jelly which i really dislike! Anyway, one thing I have noticed that it has sand/bid in the mask that helps to exfoliate your skin, means works like scrub as well. It's not harsh at all. 

You know it's Monday, I look freaking tired.A little pamper helps to soothe the tired skin very well. 

Price- $14.35

Shop- Amazon 

Have a nice Holiday! 

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