Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Ultimate Travel pillow || Review

Hey guys, look what I have found recently! A cute car pillow or you can say travel pillow for me. It very uniquely designed and looks different than ordinary travel pillows as well.all you have to do is to loose the side screw ,let it fill up the air/gas automatically and then when it's done just use it during travel or in a car as well. It comes in a cute black pouch so that if you want, you can also store it inside. It's cute , small and very ease to use. It's a very essential stuff for travel. I choose the black one particularly. There are so many brands who sell this kinda travel pillow but you can check out their's too! 

RELAX UPRIGHT COMFORTABLY - Our superior design keeps your head upright, preventing unpleasant kinks and strains caused by tilting your neck to the side. This low-profile support makes it ideal for use as a neck pillow for sleeping on the go.
ATTACH IT TO HEADREST - Our elastic band holds the neck pillow in place, so you can move around without losing that comfortable placement. It is ideal for airplanes or as an everyday car pillow-providing you more support than a standard headrest.
PACKS FOR TRAVEL - Weighing less than half a pound, you won't have to worry about a heavy pillow that takes up too much space. This inflatable pillow compresses into an enclosed packsack, and can clip onto your carryon using the attached carabiner.
ADJUST THE SIZE - Everyone's different, so we've made our pillow adjustable to your personal preference! Open the air valve to allow it to self-inflate, and if desired you can manually inflate it to be firmer or release air to make it softer. Our luxurious interior foam gives you support without the bouncy, hollow feeling you get from some inflatable pillows.
LUMBAR BACK PILLOW - Have you ever been on a plane or long road trip, and your back starts to ache from lack of support from the lower seat back? You can also use your AirComfy as a lumbar pillow and simply adjust it to provide the lower back support you need!

Price- $18.99

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