Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What I Won Recently [November 2014]

So, it's officially December!! As you can see last month I have said that I am officialy participating to the giveaways which is why here is another post for that. This month, i have only won two products! listed below↓ The prizes are quite similar like last month! 
So,let's check it out☺ 

Another iphone5 case from Maxboost! Obviously I have to get it- it's a daisy flower case,so girly and pretty! Do make sure to join thier giveaways as well. ☺ It's on their facebook page! 
Shop- Amazon ($19.95) 
Save 20% , use code- AMBROSIA 

So, i was surprised a bit when i got it.It's from Allure magazine.The thing is I didn't even remember when i was participated!! Weird!! It's "Aussie Hair Insurance Split End Cream" I have never tried this one but I am a big fan of their  conditioner !! They smell nice and makes hair beautiful as well. 

SO, that's it for today! See yaa next month!! 

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Have a nice weekend! 

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