Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Am Pregnant!!! ♥

Hello everyone!!! Long time no see. ☻
Finally I am pregnant again and that's why i was away from blogging or all sort of tasks online. For the first trimester, I was super sick (vomiting,nausea,tired,pain,etc etc) all kinda symptoms hit me at a time.But I am still happy to bear all the pain for the sake of my baby!♥ Now I am on my 2nd trimester and quite better than before.I can do all the works again.Get back my long lost energy and can eat as well! Since I can do my tasks now, I have decided to get back to blogging sometimes.Although it depends on my health and mood as well.
I was so desperately wanted to get pregnant again ever since my last miscarriage.I hope this time nothings wrong happened.My doctor put me on a high risk department as I got diabetes for the pregnancy.I am taking medication for that and doing everything required.Sometimes it's hard but I know I can do it for the sake of my sweet baby. ☺ Everyone,please keep us on your prayer.We need it a lot. 

This year I had two ambitions to write.It's about getting US citizenship and getting pregnant again.We accomplish both of it.Now just waiting for the best. 

Anyway, feeling tired and hungry right now,gotta go. I'll be back with some more posts soon!!☺ 

Stay happy and safe.♣