Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ipsy July GlamBag 2015

A quick update of my July Glambag! Well, there's nothing to say about it. I don't like the pattern of this month's bag though.

I am tired of getting eye pencil all the time, this month is no different as well. 

What inside the bag-- 
1.Avène cleansing Gel -- baang! It's for oily skin ! And i have dry skin!! I wonder how ipsy distribute products for subscriber!! 

2. Coolway Salt Spray--  i don't like salt spray. Makes hair sticky!! 

3.Jelly Pong-Pong-- another eye pencil in brown shade!! Why they send me eye pencil each month?!! 

4.CrownBrush tweezer-- i like their tweezer. Great to get another one. 

5.Aurora gel effect nail Lacquer-- wow! Love how fast it dries out and nice color too!! Although not a fan of pink shade. 

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