Saturday, August 8, 2015

A PinchMe Box Again!!

It's been a while since i have got another pinchme Box! And this time i am putting everytghing in my hospital-bag. Thank you for the offer. 

Whole lot of samples you can see. 

A free sample of iced tea from Gevalia. 

This is a new brand for me. gold Bond. It smell good and absorb quickly as well. 

An extra mouthwash from ACT.  I am sure i need this in hospital, right. 

I don't know why i am more excited to see a floss in the box!! 

Band-aid- you never know when you need it. 

N07 Serum 

Cleansing wipes and wash. 

A voucher which i'll never gonna use.  

That's all!! 

P.S. I am still okay and baby is growing well. My due date is on September. Wish me luck.. 

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