Wednesday, August 19, 2015

July Empties 2015

Hello everyone, i am not yet officially back but i really wanna to share some of the empties that i have been collecting last month(July!) .
So without being delayed, lets started- 

1. NatureRepublic AloeVera Soothing Gel- i loved this gel. I went to the store for back up but it was unavailable. They stopped making the jar size. I think you can get the tube one.i didint find any of it. So i bought the gel from The Face Shop. 

2. Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter- the scent is weird but i just loved how it made my skin super soft and it's non-greasy. Very luxurious  butter. But it's expensive ,so won't repurchase it.

3. H2O+ facial Hydrating Gel- i love gel based facial cream. It's a sample from Ipsy. Loved it.  

1.Loccitane Divine Cream- i still left one sample which i am currently using. Just loved it so much.Great for the dry skin. 

2.Mitchell & Peach Face Oil- Got this oil from Ipsy.I didn't like it as a face oil ,so i used it for hair. 

3.Sephora Sunscreen Moisturizer (spf-15)- i loved it.It is sample size. Probably buy it when it'll be on sale. 

4.Studio Gear Makeup Primer- very silicony type primer. Didn't work on my skin though. 

1. Pantene Repair&protect Shampoo & Conditioner- nice one. 

2.Vitabath Body Wash (Cucumber+white tea)- very manly scented. Won't repurchase. 

3.Pur-lisse Milk Cleanser- it is supposed to remove your makeup/ dirt, but it didn't do anything.!! Got it from Ipsy. 

4. Clarisonic Hydrating Cleanser- loved it. Got it with the brush . 

1.Naked Princess Barely Nude LipGloss- it was super tiny sample;got it from Birchbox many years ago. Found it on my bag side pocket!! 

2.Ahava facial Serum- it was okay. 

3. Hask Argan oil (healing shine treatment)- just horrible!! So silicony texture. 

Prescription stuff-- 
1.Nystatin Ointmemt- great for skin irritation. 
2.Freestyle Glucose strips- daily use it 4 times !! 

Zep Cleaners- i loved all of it. 

1. BIC Soleil Razor- one of my favorite one. 
2. Coatal scentsakeup brush- as you can see i lost the head. May be use it 3/4 time. Very poor quality. Got it from Ipsy 

Some empty packets. 

1.Oatmeal(Avena) Facial Sheet Mask- i bought these from TJMax. It is suppose to moisturize,hydrates ans balance the skin PH. But i didn't see any difference. And the size of the mask is smaller than my face !! Won't repurchase. 

2. The Face Shop Smile Foot Mask- hubby bought this as a peeling mask. But it is not !! He was kinda disappointed! But did moisturize for few minutes and then it's gone!! 

3.Vichy Facial Serum- i didn't like it.irritate my skin. 

4.Eslor Soothing Cream- it is so soothing and hydrating cream and not greasy at all. Loved it. 

5.Pantene Color Vibrancy Shampoo+Conditioner- loved it 

6. Loreal Revitalift miracle blur Cream- terrible primer. Got slin irritation. 

7. TonyMoly Luminous CC Cream- it is very greasy. Not good for summer time. 

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