Saturday, December 5, 2015

AirComfy Pillow Cover

Happy Holiday everyone!! I hope everyone is doing fine.So how you guys upgrading your home/car for the holiday season?? If you have read my previous post which I have posted last year about the SUPER Comfortable car pillow [HERE] ,you may have noticed t was NAKED!! Now it's time to upgrade the tiny pillow with a case!! This is the best way to keep your pillow clean!!! And yes you can use it as many ways you want!! I am using it for my little bunny.It gives him a back support when he sleeps..

Here is my little bunny sleeping with his comfy pillow.

The case is very soft and made with 100% cotton which is essential for the babies. Easy to wash as well.

Price- $10.99

Have a great weekend and stay fit & comfy!!

*PR Sample