Friday, January 15, 2016

Walmart BeautyBox 2016 || Winter Edition

My 2nd Walmart beauty box came by mail on Tuesday.Ever since we have moved to our new house,i got all mail at the end of the week or day!! But thankfully it did arrived safely.I think for $5, this is a great box to grab.Last box was fine although some of the products I already owned. 
Lets un-box the winter box--

  1. nspa Coconut Body Butter 
  2. Aveeno Body Lotion + Body Wash 
  3. Pantene HairSpray
  4. Goody Slideproof Hair band 
  5. Olay Moisturisers- One for dark spot & another for wrinkle
  6. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturiser 
  7. Loreal Paris Shampoo, Conditioner ,Treatment
  8. SOme Coupons & Perfume Sample  

 Among all of it , I love the Goody hair band most because who doesn't need extra band !!! I love trying mini samples.I am probably going to use all of it.

That's it for this Winter box.Let me know if you got something different than mine. 

Price- $5
Available- Walmart 

Have a wonderful weekend!

A New Year & Resolution 2016

Happy New Year!! Haha!! I know it's late to say it,but I was thinking about the post since day 01 and I couldn't find one resolution to make.I was gathering all my thoughts for couple of days,as you can see a very late post about "Resolution"!! 

My Cool Dude 

Well, I think it's a good start to think about the right resolution/goals that you want to compete this year!Last year my resolution was to get pregnant and look!! now I have a cute baby boy!!I am so grateful to the Lord for fulfilling my goal/resolution.It was very challenging for both of us.It was our number one priority ever since we are living together.

My son is now 4 and half month old.He is a cute little bunny.all the time made mommy busy.Sometimes I just can't handle the cuteness of him!!May be it's call mommy-fever!! Ever since I was pregnant , had baby, taking care myself is getting harder and harder.Because all i think and care is about my son and husband-the entire family. I don't think i can make any hard typical kinda goals.I want it simple, so that at the end of the year I can fulfill it and makes me proud!! lol 

1. Stay Strong-  It's hard to be a mom(new mom) I am adjusting and enjoying myself as well.I am just ignoring all the negativity at all.  
2.Follow The Cleaning Routine- I have been doing it since November.I found lots of schedule lists on pinterest.Awesome cleaning routine!! It's kinda fun to folllow, isn't it?But I do make my own routine too. 
3.Take Care Myself- It's getting impossible for me to take care myself after having the baby.It's hard to do everything alone but I am taking everything in positive way.I know I can handle it. I should make a routine to follow as well. 
4. Ignore Negativity- It's a must for me.

5. Eating Healthy- cut sugar cut sugar cut sugar.After birth, i think I have turned into a sugar cookie. 

6.Smile More- Lack of smile--No good.

7. Be Happy Who I am

That's it for now.I hope I can do these.Let me know Yours too. 

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

[New] Beauty-Full Volume With Tresemme || Mousse & Hairspray Set

I am not sure when I have received this,probably December(2015)!! Finally I have decided to post about it. So, I got this cool (new) Volume kit from Tresemme-Hairspray and mousse set!! It's a new collection from Tresemme which suppose to release in January2016!! You may have notice in drugstore already! 

I am a big fan of Mousse hair products, but some of them can make my hair really crunchy and very dry!!So i was a bit excited when I read about the bouncy softness of result!!  And who can live without hairspray!!It's one of the necessary tools for styling hair. Is it possible to get volume as well as bouncy soft hair?? We gotta try out and I must say,I am enjoying it a lot recently.I have been losing hair like hell after having baby;so a little volume is a lot for me. 

We took the photo at the end of the day but all day long it did hold the volume and gave the bouncy hair as well.I am not sure,but you can still notice full volume hair , right??  I would love to try out their shampoo and conditioner from this collection as well. 

Let me know if you have tried these goodies as well.Have a great weekend! 


*Press Sample

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year || New Jingle Voxbox From Influenster

Happy New Year everyone!!! OMG!! what a blast year of 2015 was!! So for the new year (2016!!) we gotta chance to receive a new "Jingle Voxbox" from Influenster!!WooHoO!!! I always love getting voxbox from them.It's fun to try different products & it's FREE!!! 
Let's dig into what in the box below-- 
Look at the tiny pretty box!!So cute.. 

Inside the box, there are 8 items-- 

  1. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
  2. Biscoff Cookies
  3. Ore-Ida Tater Tots 
  4. Hallmark Itty Bittys 
  5. NYC 24Hr Waterproof Eyeliner 
  6. Kiss True Volume Lashes 
  7. Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive 
  8. Pure Ice Nail Polish 

I am not a fan of Cetaphil creams as my skin doesn't love it.I wasn't so happy to get it but it's a nice decent sample size cream which I can use while going outside. Currently I am loving another brand for my dry skin which I'll be talking soon. 

Well, I heard that many people loving these cookies,but I am sorry to say that it is too sweet for me.After having the baby,I do am craving sweet but I just can't like this cookies.

A free coupon for Tots.Will be buying soon. 

Look! A Rapunzel!!! I like it,but I have a little boy who probably not going to like it that much.I really wanted a Batman/Spiderman for him.Gossshh!!! It's  fluffy and cute. 

I love waterproof eyeliner,can't wait to try it.

Lashes with adhesive,YES!!! 

OMG! I am currently loving this nail polish from PureIce. Atfirst I thought the color won't look good on me,but I was wrong.It's pretty beige kinda shade that looks amazing when I wear it.You can find the shade I am wearing on my instagram! (They have mention on the card that it is only available on walmart! which is sad!!I can only shop online i guess)

So, that's it I have got on the box. Let me know your opinion about each products. 

Have a nice weekend!