Friday, January 15, 2016

A New Year & Resolution 2016

Happy New Year!! Haha!! I know it's late to say it,but I was thinking about the post since day 01 and I couldn't find one resolution to make.I was gathering all my thoughts for couple of days,as you can see a very late post about "Resolution"!! 

My Cool Dude 

Well, I think it's a good start to think about the right resolution/goals that you want to compete this year!Last year my resolution was to get pregnant and look!! now I have a cute baby boy!!I am so grateful to the Lord for fulfilling my goal/resolution.It was very challenging for both of us.It was our number one priority ever since we are living together.

My son is now 4 and half month old.He is a cute little bunny.all the time made mommy busy.Sometimes I just can't handle the cuteness of him!!May be it's call mommy-fever!! Ever since I was pregnant , had baby, taking care myself is getting harder and harder.Because all i think and care is about my son and husband-the entire family. I don't think i can make any hard typical kinda goals.I want it simple, so that at the end of the year I can fulfill it and makes me proud!! lol 

1. Stay Strong-  It's hard to be a mom(new mom) I am adjusting and enjoying myself as well.I am just ignoring all the negativity at all.  
2.Follow The Cleaning Routine- I have been doing it since November.I found lots of schedule lists on pinterest.Awesome cleaning routine!! It's kinda fun to folllow, isn't it?But I do make my own routine too. 
3.Take Care Myself- It's getting impossible for me to take care myself after having the baby.It's hard to do everything alone but I am taking everything in positive way.I know I can handle it. I should make a routine to follow as well. 
4. Ignore Negativity- It's a must for me.

5. Eating Healthy- cut sugar cut sugar cut sugar.After birth, i think I have turned into a sugar cookie. 

6.Smile More- Lack of smile--No good.

7. Be Happy Who I am

That's it for now.I hope I can do these.Let me know Yours too. 

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