Saturday, February 13, 2016


P.S. It took 4 hours to finish writing this post as my son keep calling me 10000 times already! 

Well we have started February with a new mouthwash from Listerine;atleast new for us!! I usually dislike using mouthwash because it burn like hell.I have to use it with water!(tons of water!!) Luckily this new kinda Listerine Healthy white Vibrant mouthrinse. It is suppose to whiten up your teeth even within 5 days!!! Sound exciting!! The thing is why a mouthwash would help to whiten up your teeth!?? Well, I have no answer ;anything can happen in this world and it just a little mouthwash.(Too dramatic situation happening here) 

Well, I have tried this mouth wash for a week and half, and to be honest, i didn't see any difference that much. My teeth are still yellow and awkward. :(  I think I need to wait for more time.One week is not enough though! 

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